About Interiors of Harrogate

Interiors of Harrogate is one of the longest established kitchen and bedroom studios in Harrogate.

We are one of the few showrooms that cover most price levels from DIY range beaters like Systemat 72,   through mid-price ranges like Ashley Ann & Systemat 78, up to the very best you can buy from Charles Yorke.

Whether you are looking for a very modern free standing kitchen or a hand made traditional kitchen it would be hard to find a studio offering more ranges and prices than Interiors of Harrogate.

We have 14 full kitchen displays and hundreds of of sample doors, worktops and finishes.


Interiors of Harrogate is a family company run by Paul & Catherine Whiers, with over 38 years experience in the kitchen and domestic appliance industry.

We think you will find that our prices are competitive for the quality and service we offer, our prices can start at less than, for example, Magnet with their 50% off, and go up to as much as you would like to spend.

Please take a look at our kitchens and get in touch for a free consultation.